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If you will use it with the adaptor board bought from us we can prepare the adaptor to suit you.

Generally - V10 and V9 has to connected to V8 (positive)


They have damaged the "kill switch" - red button on the right side of handlebar.

Bike is in the OFF status.

You can try to repair it or buy new one in our online store.



If bikes where NiMH you need to buy BMS set and charger to BMS wire harness.

For leaf conversion we offer also battery box, harness and top PCB - all available in our online shop:


What do you mean by "no sensors' firmware?

It looks for me like you have programmed the ESD charger with EVPS firmware.

I'll ask Matteo to assist you.



I assume you VX-1 is from 2013? In 2003 we haven't been proucing it yet.

What type of battery do you have - NIMH or Li/LI+



What do you mean by:

- "owner had issue with battery that cause spark"

- "I replaced the battery" - which battery you put in instead?



Type in the windows search bar vectrixdiagnostics - when you find location do right click, create shortcut and copy / paste it on the desktop

That's correct. On most W10 diagnostic won't work (suprysingly it works on some english versions).

We use virtual machine and install Windows XP on it - there is a version which can run even on USB memory stick.

We are working already on new version of diagnostic.


We don't have anymore Valence cells. If you are interested we still have 4 or 5 units of U24-12XP - 110Ah 12V Valence pack with build in BMS. Never used (in oryginally sealed package), production year 2013.


Yes - it is the same part as in VX-1, you can use the S00079. You don't need canbus cable to adjust throttle - in the same instruction, I've explained how to to it by watching speedometer needle.