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Unfortunately charger with Lithium firmware (both LiFe and Li-ion) needs to communicate with BMS via CANBus. Othwerwise it won't work. The same with MC if upgraded with Li firmware.

For non CAN configuration - check visforvoltage and look for Laird firmware - it's based on NiMH so both charger and MC care only about the pack voltage - not cell voltage as our Lithium system.

I still reccomend you our BMS system - it's easy to damage battery if voltage is not controlled on the cell level. At least you need to protect the cells from overcharging (because it can blow/fire your battery) - so if you use your own BMS let it interrupt charging (by contactor for example) whenever any cell exceeds 4.25V



Number 4 in the riding history has to be converted to binary - will give you 100, which is uprst. Don't worry about it, it comes when some number of throttle faults is recorded in short time.

If you don't have encoder displayed on dashboard or rough ride - you don't need to clean it.

Hi Alex

I recommend you our new BMS system -

Improved and fully protected - no more problem with connecting / disconnecting from battery. Firmware with setting for 36S Li-ion

You don't need to modify charger, but if you need shorter charging time - we offer now 3.3kW unit.

We will provide you also latest firmware for charger and MC - for Li-ion version.

If you send us drawing or picture of your new battery pack we can even preapare you custom battery to BMS wire harness.

To use stock VX-1 BMS board you will need an adaptor board - we use to sell them, but no more interest so we don't keept them on stock -


We already are testing final version. If no more bugs - it will go to the production.

As long as encoder error doesn't show up you don't need to clean it.

If required - blow it with dry air (best: air in can, if you use compressor make sure lubrication oil is not added to air)

If encoder chamber contaminated with oil / water - very gently clean with technical alcohol.

If you remove the encoder disc or encoder board - you will need special tools to reinstall it - ST1205 and ST1206

Whenever encoder cover is open / removed - replace the original gasket with rubber ring or heat resistant silicon (motor housing can have 100deg C). Original one became hard from the motor heat and cracks.



Changing the speed setup is in most of the countries illegal.

But yes you can upload the 40mph firmware to the bike using the CAN cable.


This is the oryginal Vectrix firmware for NiMH bikes - we don't develop any changes to NiMH only to the lithium. If you would like something newer for NiMH - check for Laird firmware on visvorvoltage

Hi Ramon

Matteo Zordan will assist you, let him know when you can be at the bike with laptop.

You need to install a teamviewer before, to let him work remotly -

Phone: +48 501212022

Skype: mzordan_vectrix



Since you are located in US, where we don't have any dealer at the moment, you can try to contact David Dugas (ex EE Vectrix) - 508 212 7236. Although he lives on east coast, he may know somebody in south CA capable to work on VX-1 and with his help you diagnose the bike.

EC070 - voltage read by charger doesn't match the voltage read by BMS.

If you have diagnostic cable or access to it - we can check your bike online via teamviewer and fix the problem.