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Witam. Panie Tomaszu chyba rozmawialiśmy już telefonicznie i wysłałem Panu ofertę mailem.



So the charger is gone. You need a new one. Vectrix charges does much more then charging - in fact it manage almost entire display of the bike (dashboard), handles the trouble codes, communicates with motor controller, ICM and BMS (in Li version) or Temp Sens (in NiMH) version. Regards


Yes. To diagnose the issue with charger it has to be in the bike, diagnostic cable connected to bike and PC. Charger works on any voltage between 110-250AC.

If the problem happened after the AC cable was shorted - most probably you have damaged the AC filter module, if it's a gold Runke charger.(look here Charger Types - compatibility with Lithium Batteries SX-BC-CONV) you can fix it. If it is silver ESD charger - I'm afraid you will need new charger.



No out is a hardware failure on the main board not on the controll board.

If you have some electric expirience (replacing SMD components) - write to Matteo directly on - he may advise which components try to replace. Sometimes is the main transformer though - then is not worth to repair.


It may help to diagnose, and will be requaired to update firmware if you fix the hardware.

Now I see the beginning of conversation.

What happens if you turn the ignition ON. Is the display alive?

If not - check the battery voltage by multimeter.

Look here for codes. Charging Termination Codes - Li bikes

Yes when charging is terminated (regardless of reason) - display switches off and to see the code you need to turn ignition key before unplugging bike from the AC socket.


Our charger fuse kit is an upgrade - DIY instalation kit. Oryginally chargers where not equipped in fuse.

Armand is right - sometimes disconnecting the charger will reset it - you need to disconnect the DC cable. It's location deppends on the type of charger you have.

Check the links below: Charger Types - compatibility with Lithium Batteries SX-BC-CONV

Battery Charger Replacement S-XC-S00540

Do be sure that charger doesn't work you need to check what is the battery voltage. Below 80V it won't start by itself.

For the turnsignal LED bulb -


R54 is for LiFe batteries.

For amita and leaf you need to use R64 BMS firwmare and LiMn charger firmware

All available here


There are few versions of diagnostic - one on portal is the latest released by Vectrix. For NiMH bikes there are older versions (before 2011) which have some functions specyfic for Ni system