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Yes you can use our VX-1 Universal BMS in Li-ion 36S configuration. If your bike was a NiMH before - you would need to replace also wire harness between charger and BMS box. Check here SX-02240. We can supply the harness between the cells and BMS or you can make it yourself using D-Sub 25 pin connectors and wires based on the wire-diagram.

Let me know if you need any further information on the system. BMS is programable via CAN - at this moment with pre-configured files (supplied for free), firmware for charger and MC is available here VX-1 Li-ion 36S Firmware package

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In regards of disappearing fuel gauge - was the estimated range reset to 0 when it happened or just the bars were gone?

I'll post soon full description of the firmware features. The cruise control, hazardous lights, monitor mode (while driving) etc - all were implemented in ICM. In regards of Ah limit - this firmware was designed originally for Nissan Leaf conversion, and it is just another protection from overcharging the pack in case other protection failed (cell voltage, pack voltage). With our 80Ah and 100Ah Amita packs we provide charger firmware limited to higher capacity. If somebody is interested to get firmware for other capacity or configuration (for example 37S, 38S) - please contact us.


Good to hear you have completed the conversion. You can use the new version LiMn36s-2. There were small changes applied to protect the charger- limit max current to 12A (was 13A), limit max capacity to 65Ah etc. In regards of the fuel gauge going to zero - tell me more - in what situation does it happen?


We found the reason - is just a bug in the charger firmware (does not affect anything in the charging / riding). Simply a code line refering to not existing variable. It happens only if you turn on the bike when the charger is still in the charging mode (plug connected).

We will fix this in the next revision of charger firmware. I hope you are enjoing bike after swapping the battery.

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Hi Bruno

I'll come back on the red light - never seen before.

Regen - yes it is normal (when battery is full). MC code is limiting it - we will release new MC code later this year. I'm not sure if the 120 km/h can be included but we will try.

Cruise control - it is already implemented in the ICM code. I'll post tonight the ICM functions.


Looks like there is a problem with ICM board. You could try to programm it directly by PIC debuger :

The same devise we use for BMS and charger controll board.

Another solution - send the ICM to us and will repair it.


Yes, I have all which was on the, but only in English. I'm trying to get the other languages.