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Castrol Optigear Synthetic X gear oil

Yes - we've added White in online shop.

Lead time around 1 week.

Sorry for late answer.

Yes you can do it by your self. Doesn't requaire any special tools.


We have new (unused) cells but they are 4 years on shelf - we migrated since then to Li-ion.

What size and configuration of akkupack you need - I can quote you price.


If you are planning to do Leaf conversion - definetly go for TC PFC charger - it is very durable, modern device with double power (half charging time).

I'll forward your email to our R&D - maybe they can advise something on old charger, probably though you will need diagnostic cable..


Yes, it is drop in replacement. No modification requaired

Stay in touch, we are developing new 3 wheels EV with 35kW motor. It will take no less then 18 months to be on the market, but it will be an unique vehicle.

Hi Zyla

Yes, you can use 20 modules (40S) with our BMS - but you need to order custom harness -

and contact our R&D - or to discuss the firmware set


There is no standard 12V socket on VX-2.

What power do you need to use - it's possible to derivate 12V from Sevcon

Try to clean it first with dry air (can like for the cleaning of keyboard)

If you have tools you can also dismount it, clean with alcohol.

Tools are available at our shop :

Instruction here Encoder Replacement S-XC-S00024