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What type of battery do you have? What is the battery voltage? Do you see any trouble codes on the odometer?


Yes you can send us the ICM board - we will try to repair it.

What charger do you have?


You can setup the charger max power from scooter dashboard (on all our chargers). As well as delay in charging (if you would like to charge late night when the electricity is cheaper)


Yes - in our online store you fill find it under code SV20300



Question 1. In theory  yes - but it would requaire a wire harnes change - adaptor, and new firware for Runke - which we have not developped.

Question2 - absolutly - if you buy a 3.3kW PFC it comes with bracket ready for second unit, firmware and controll box is ready as well. Keep in mind that using full power 6.6kW requaire either 3 phase 380V connection or quite rare 32A 230V socket / plug. Whatever you decide we have wiring sets, plugs, adapters etc - including Mennekes port on bike.

We have also a adaptor kit - mennekes to schuko or industrial to schukko where only one charger will work when connected to the standard 16A 230VAC socket and both if connected to Mennekes / Industrial.


I wrote it many times here already - please be aware that using Leaf packs (and any othoer Li-ion) without bms is very dangarouse - you may easly either overdischarge some cells (destoying its capacity) or overcharge some of them - this can finish with fire and your battery and bike will be lost. Saving 500EUR now on the BMS will sonner or later cause the loss of battery pack at best.

Anyhow - if you decide to do it, on your risk - you need different firmware on MC. Oryginal NiMH firmware will detect to high voltage  - no regen, and because of missing temperature sensors (if you unplugged them) can show some problems in riding as well.

If you uploaded the Li firmware to MC - it is trying to get the message from BMS which you don't have as I understand - so the speed and power is limited. 

So - please either buy a BMS kit in our shop - and you will get completly different expirience (120km speed, precise range estimation, rear wheel spinning controll etc), or search forum like vis for voltage for a firmware package made by laird or dugas to be used without BMS. 

If you decide to search vis for voltage - check also pictures / videos of completly burnt scooters, sometimes garages when people use Li batteries without BMS.



JC Coen

I’m sorry for late reply.

Generally we don’t recommend using Li batteries without BMS.

The risk of overcharging which will finish with fire is high. Overdischarging will damage cell - reduce its capacity.

You will safe 500EUR now on BMS but your battery will fail sooner or later.

If you decide so, on your own risk  – there are on vis for voltage forum firmware packages (made either by Laird or by Dugas), if I remember I’ve recommend you this already by phone.

You have in your bike EVPS (Runke) charger V2.1 and you need a firmware matching it.

If you have uploaded ESD firmware to the EVPS charger – they may be a problem to reprogram it again.

In any case – you have to always use complete package of firmware charger, MC, and BMS if equipped.


ESD chargers (silver with aluminium casting and double fan) - there are two types - round connectors and square connectors. There is no other difference between them. Both need a controll board upgrade to use with Li batteries. To be frank though, we don't reccomend them at all for Li batteries - at the last stage of charging, when cell balancing is done at the very low current (0.3A) ESD chargers sometimes freeze, sometimes fail completly.For NiMH batteries it is a great charger though - if housing is sealed with silicon it can last forever.

EVPS (Runke) chargers are in gold square box, with single fan - they were manufactured between 2009 and 2013 in vew revisions 1.5, 1.9, 2.0, 2.0N, 3.0, and there was a revision 3.0NFD  sold by us only. In general it is not a good quality charger, some power diodes on main board fail quite often, sometimes another few components around resulting with NO Ouput failure. We were selling these chargers afer reworking / upgrading them (added fuese on AC side, better diode, changed some resistor etc). We still have some stock of them - used mostly for older bikes / warranty purpose.Look for S00540 in our online shop ( - it comes with warranty and is upgraded to the best we coudl do with this hardware.

If you have Li scooter or planning conversion - we strongly reccomend new type of charger 3.3.kW TC charger - available in our shop online (S00541). It is not cheap but realy worth its price - fully enclosed IP67, manufactured in thousands for an electric cars, zero failure rate after selling over 200 of them, completly quite and double power (half time to charge) comparing to ESD/EVPS.

At this moment it requaires addtional setup after instalation - via teamviewer  - this is the reason we charge and book.

We are working on final version - for simple upload.