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Did you use left brake -> right brake first? on the video it seems opposite

1.Also check if the side stand is elevated and sensor is functional

2.pull kill-SW off and push left brake, the dashboard should show you value of roll-gas calibration, it is possible that it lost some data and have to be readjusted.

write directly to me if you will get results.

Yes, in future we are planning to do this. stay in touch

Unfortunately we are no longer selling them.


It may be battery condition, check all connections on battery and connection to MC, if everything is tight most probably Capacitors on MC are giving up.

If you give us configurations in which you want it to be programmed we can try to prepare firmware for you. Contact me directly please.

Part you are looking for is S00084

Please write to me more details. 

Type of battery and charger.

year of production etc.

Is It VX2 or VX1?  is there any tension on key when you are turning it? Anyway, you will need to dissasemble plastic panels of the scooter.

Plastic panel removal

Trunk Latch checkout

Please follow instruction. In pt. 7 if you are using PGN value has to be set as 0


Could you check temperature sensors using our diag

You will be able to see if rear or front TS module is damaged

Select bike : VX1Ni

and send me print screen of "data summary"

Please contact directly with me.


Krzysztof Luby